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'Archangel Michael' By Wilfred Norton

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Quirky'Archangel Michael' By Wilfred Norton


A figurative glazed ceramic sculpture by Wilfred Norton depicting the Archangel Michael


Measures: 31cm tall



Wilfred Norton c1880 - 1973

Wilfred Norton was born in Shropshire. He was apprenticed with the Coalport Company at the age of 13 and subsequentially worked as one of their designers. He went on to study under Rudolph Steiner (Philosopher & teacher of the arts) in Switzerland.

He established himself in Hampstead in London with his wife Lily.

He exhibited many times at the Royal College Of Art, The Royal Academy, The Arts & Crafts Society and many exhibitions in Paris, Leipzig and America.

He is best known for the works produced in the 1920's and 30's but carried on until 1950 producing studio ceramics and other works including designs for stained glass.

His figurative works usually depicted classical, mythological or semi-religious subjects. All his pieces were one-off's and were often titled and monogrammed. Another characteristic of his work was the use of matt glazes in muted colours.

His works today are highly sought after.